Atomic Recruits Donny Ellis

Amherst, NH (December 4, 2003) — Atomic Snowboarding would like to welcome Donny Ellis to its pro team. The 24-year-old standout resides in Whistler, BC. His sponsors include: Atomic, Arnette, DMK Global, D-Railed, Entite Apparel, Globe, Grouse Mountain, Ogio,, United Outerwear, Vital Boardshop. Donny is a Gemini and likes long walks on the beach at Sunset and you’ll find him out filming with AAF this year.

Donny joins the Atomic family that currently consists of:
• Jason Murphy
• Tom Gilles
• Jaime MacLeod
• Seth Wescott
• Danny Garrity
• JF Fortin • • •

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