Atomic Introduces LTD Hatchet Board

Amherst, NH (September 14, 2004) — There’s nothing quite like feeling you get by riding a limited edition snowboard. Along with the precise handling and crisp snap of a new deck — anything limited edition gets you higher-style points, season-long bragging rights, and the respect for riding a board that nobody else can buy.

So if you’re looking to set yourself apart this season and rule your local hill with total domination, Atomic is offering up its LTD Hatchet, a limited edition, handcrafted freestyle board that rules it everywhere and anywhere. With a production run of only 400 boards, the LTD Hatchet is being produced for only the very best and most influential snowboarders in the world — our overworked and under-paid shop employees, our pro riders, and the industry’s biggest VIPs.

“Shop employees drive such a big chunk of the business out the door that we are working hard to earn their confidence and respect. Bringing in a limited edition board that only team riders, shop employees, and industry folks can get is just one of the things we’re doing to achieve that,” said Atomic’s Luke Edgar.

Besides being cool and limited, the LTD Hatchet has all the features of Atomic’s award winning and number one selling Hatchet, a board that is designed to dominate rails, pipes, and parks while charging the entire mountain with confidence. Using Atomic’s Twin Prog sidecut (the same sidecut that has won two TWS Good Wood Awards), a 2.5 degree park bevel, D4 Atomic Fiberglass, and a super tough sintered diecut base, the LTD takes it to the next level for rippers who can back it up and put it into overdrive. And it looks good, too – the topsheet sports a creamy glitter pearl colorflex and is spray-painted with neon green highlights and color-matching sidewall.

Available for a short time only, shop employees can pick up a LTD Hatchet by contacting their Atomic Snowboarding sales rep.

Also in recent company news, Atomic has launched its new website at . Loaded with complete product specs on the 04-05 lineup, Atomic team rider bios, photos, and company news, one of the most unique parts of the site can be found on the community page — where you can boast about your deepest day by sending an Atomic e-card to your gang. Additionally, a few lucky consumers will also win an LTD Hatchet in Atomic’s monthly community contest drawing.

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