At The Drive In

At The Drive In

Relationship Of Command

Grand Royal

The first time I ever heard of At The Drive In I was in a crowded bar in Breckenridge; Whitey and I were talking about music. He told me about this hyperactive band from El Paso, Texas. All he said was, “You gotta hear these guys.”

The next day I went out and bought their album In Casino Out. After listening to the first five songs in my car, I went right back in the store and bought everything they'd recorded. This band is that good.

Over the last couple years ATDI has become my favorite band. I eagerly await the band's latest efforts, and their new album Relationship Of Command is a masterpiece. From start to finish the band blasts you with supercharged emotionally driven songs with lyrics as complex as the music that surrounds them. As each song ends, you're hanging on the edge of your seat waiting to see how they will hit you next. There are eleven songs on this new album, and I wish there were eleven more. The only thing that sucks about this new album is I'll have to wait a long time for another one. I guess it's a good thing, because I keep picking up on new stuff in the songs with every listen. Hell, they even do a song with Iggy Pop.

I hate to lump this band into any category or genre because they are so unique. I guess if you like rocking high-charged emocore (yuck, I hate that term) such as The Get Up Kids or Hot Water Music, you'll love this band. Get this now!-Todd Richards