Ashbury Demos Bear Mountain

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Photos: Nick Hamilton

Ashbury Demo at Bear Mountain

Bear’s take.

And Ashbury’s version.

Skate-style snowboard demos have always been a rare beast. In fact when the Hakker bros, Mike and Lance, first proposed the idea of a demo where the Ashbury team would just show up and ride some features people asked, "So you're going to have goggles to try on?" That's what demo has come to mean in snowboarding after all--passing over your credit card to a tech rep stationed in a tent city of brands and testing some gear out. But the Hakker's wanted to stay far away from that idea. At the same time they wanted to put on an event that wasn't a contest but showcased the kind of snowboarding they liked. So five years ago the Ashbury demo was born. Five years later, it's still rare to find anything like it.

Here's the gist: Bear Mountain sets up some rails and jumps at the base lodge, the Hakkers invite a crew of riders (most of them on the Ashbury team, but really anyone they're down for regardless of their sponsors), and everyone jams for a few hours in the SoCal slush. No pressure, just good vibes with your friends.

This is what went down on the last Saturday of Bear's 2012/13 winter season. Featuring Ben Bilocq, Jake Kuzyk, Chris Bradshaw, Oliver Dixon, Justin Mulford, Lucas Magoon, Nick Noneman, Jordan Small, Justin Fronius, Austin Leonard, Jessi Blackwell, Durrel Williams, Jesse Paul, Cole Linzmeyer, and more.

 Ashbury Demo Cole Linzmeyer