New York, NY. – The current economy — coupled with the severe winter experienced in much of the U.S. — once again reinforce the need for retailers to focus on changes that could categorically impact their operations.

“The very life of a company will often depend upon how effectively change is managed. Stores, management systems, marketing concepts, and even the company’s philosophy on how it conducts business should all be constantly evaluated,” says Bobby Blumenfeld, principal, American Recovery Group (ARG).

At ARG we use a team of professionals who utilize their extensive global business experience in manufacturing, import, distribution, sales, marketing, communications, merchandising, finance, operations and management to help struggling companies adapt to the new competitive marketplace and once again return to profitability.

“We have developed a Top 10 list of changes, or signs, that retailers should be aware of in regard to impending problems with their businesses,” says Blumenfeld.

These signs are:

1-A pattern of flat or declining sales.

2-Full-wall profits are down.

3-The return on assets is no longer acceptable.

4-Weakening customer base.

5-Demographic changes are negatively impacting sales.

6-Growth in competition.

7-The need for concept changes.

8-Failure to meet lenders’ covenants.

9-Revenue shortfalls make buying merchandise difficult.

10-Stagnant marketing and merchandising

ARG will work intimately with the company and its staff in order to implement programs that will help keep the company out of bankruptcy. Or, if bankruptcy is inevitable, we will work with the banks and creditors in order to find the very best possible solutions to satisfy all the parties.

“A significant way to cope with these signs is to strategically close stores that are no longer productive or that have financially stressed the company due to rapid expansion. This is a proven strategy and one that can renew and reposition the company in the marketplace and return it to profitability. This strategy has saved many retail companies from bankruptcy,” adds Blumenfeld.

ARG can plan and execute an exit strategy for businesses in distressed situations. ARG will act as the responsible party for the distressed business, provide advisory services, distress funding, appraisal evaluations and handle liquidations. A strong commitment to excellence is evident throughout the process and in our accomplishments, giving ARG a reputation for skillful execution, competence and success.


The foregoing program is the contribution of Barry Levinson of the American Recovery Group (ARG), ARG, headquartered in New York City, occupies a unique position in the workout and liquidation business: it looks at the entire scope of a deal not just one segment. By looking at the positions of everyone involved, the firm is able to develop a plan that addresses not one, but all aspects of a deal. ARG has worked closely with financial institutions and turnaround professionals to find the best possible solution during reorganizations, restructurings, mergers, and acquisitions. ARG’s principals, consultants, and supervisors have experience in working with a single unit or national chains. Retailers wishing to contact ARG should send an email Barry Levinson at or Bobby Blumenfeld at