Arctic Challenge Moves to Trysilfjellet

Due to heavy rainfall over a long period of time it is no longer possible to run the whole event in Stamsund. After checking out several backup locations, The Arctic Challenge has and finally decided on the resort of Trysilfjellet, Norway.

Trysilfjellet provide us with the optimal solution for this year event. The resort has the experience, resources and the attitude to secure a successful event. The local community is also contributing with considerable resources. We are proud to join forces with Trysilfjellet, and our focus now is to build the best infrastructure ever for this year’s event.

The Arctic Challenge has its roots in Trysil. The very first event was held in Trysil and Stamsund in 1999. In 1999 the whole event was low key with a low media profile. This year the media will definitely be there. TV-pictures will be distributed even to the most remote places on the planet. In Norway TV2 will send programs from the Ticket To Ride (TTR) tour in addition to a broad coverage of the event itself. Even with these big changes Terje Hà¥konsen still has the same vision and goal as in the first event. His vision is to put the riders in the centre of power, and bring the snowboard contests back to the riders.

Trysilfjellet have always had focus on families with kids. Over the last couple of years they have put a great deal of resources into building a snowboard park, and today their park is renowned as one of the best in Northern-Europe. Trough the partnership with The Arctic Challenge, Trysilfjellet want to focus on the healthy and positive activity of snowboarding. The main goal is to grab young people out of the couch and up in to the mountain. Together we have established a long-term relation where the goal is to recruit as many snowboarders as possible in Norway and Scandinavia.

The Swedish super shapers David Ny and Claes Högström will be in charge of the snow infrastructures in TAC. Claes Högström is 23 years old and lives in Trysil where he is in charge of the snowboard park. In the event we have to move ten thousands of cubic metres of snow, and TAC is happy for Claes local knowledge. David Ny and Claes have been the shapers of the TAC obstacles from the very start, and they have experience from events all over the world.

We still hope there for massive snowfall in Stamsund so we can hold the ¼ pipe contest there. The deadline for this decision is the 17th of March, and the decision is in the hands of the Snow Lord.

Trysilfjellet is Norway’s biggest ski-resort with 26 lifts, 64 slopes with a total running length of 65 km in the whole range of difficulties. Since the early 90` the resort has had an enormous development and the company Trysilfjellet BA has a revenue of 250 millions NOK. The resort has big development plans and the goal is clear: Trysilfjellet will become the best ski resort in Scandinavians. Most of the guests come from Scandinavia, but people from England, Germany, and Holland makes Trysil an international ski