Arctic Challenge Day 1: Terje Dominates Practice

After taking a back seat at the quarter pipe event in Oslo, Terje decided to move up a gear for the halpipe practice in Hemsedal. Looking relaxed and happy Terje visibly enjoyed today’s session in the freshly cut halfpipe.

The day dawned with perfect blue skies and a halfpipe that looked like it had been made out of concrete and not snow, so sharp were the edges. This years pipe has less flat bottom and has been built on a steeper gradient allowing the riders to get higher and faster, this constant drive to innovate and push the standard of riding is what has set the Arctic Challenge apart from all other competitions and this was evident in the riders opinions of the pipe.

Predictably it took a while for the riders to acclimatise to the six metre deep pipe, but when they did it was a sight for sore eyes. Huge floated airs from Xaver Hoffman, Kyle Clancy and Ingemar Backman set the pace for the early runs. Soon everyone was in on the act and doubles runs from Shaun White and Heikki Sorsa caught the spectator’s imagination.

Shaun has also been pushing technical barriers off the hill. Having been given a WAP phone and the email address he can now be contacted and reply on the internet to anyone that wants to wish him well on his next run. This is the first time that such an interactive service has been offered to fans and spectators. The benefit does not appear to have been wasted on Shaun though. Coming from America where the mobile phone technology is behind Europe, Shaun was stoked that he could have such direct contact with his fans and is now rarely seen without his phone.

It seems that Terje’s vision of the perfect pipe has made a lot of these riders very happy, Romain De Marchi and Ingemar Backman could both be seen riding with huge smiles on their faces

The biggest smile of the day though belonged to Terje who was able not only to take satisfaction in making so many of the worlds best snowboarders happy, but also in still being the king of the castle when it comes to pipe riding.