ARC’TERYX Enters Snowboard Market

(Vancouver, B.C.) – ARC’TERYX announced that it will present it’s new apparel lineup at the upcoming winter shows in Spring 2000, SIA in March, ISPO in February and OR in January. The program will incorporate a number of the breakthrough technologies already proven in the very successful alpine apparel line.

The lineup will include a selection of outerwear and supporting fleece products as well as a backpack program incorporating classic ARC’TERYX quality and performance throughout. All of the products will be manufactured in Vancouver.

The apparel program has been under development for the last two years and the flagship outerwear component will use only 3 ply Gore-Tex* XCR fabrics combined with many other proprietary ARC’TERYX technologies. The quality, design and function of the garments will set new standards for the Snowboard/Freeride apparel industry.

“Our products have always been built from the ground up learning from our experiences in the world famous backcountry of the Coast Mountains and Whistler Resort,” says Jayson Faulkner V.P. Sales and Marketing. “The snowboard/freeride scene in Whistler has been amazing. We are blessed with arguably the best big mountain terrain and it has attracted most of the best riders in North America. This has created a very dynamic ‘scene’ which makes for a great place to test and design equipment.”

“This will be a major launch initiative for Gore-Tex* as we move more aggressively into the snowboard/freeride markets,” says Steve Schuster, Fabrics Business Leader. “We are so clearly recognized as the leading waterproof/breathable worldwide in outdoor and mountaineering. ARC’TERYX is recognized worldwide as a leader in these areas as well, it makes for a perfect partnership to present truly new products to a very demanding user group”.

Faulkner said the line, tentatively called the WhiteLine, will include Gore-Tex * XCR 3 ply jackets, a full technical fleece program, some technical natural fibre pieces and possibly a base layer program. “We hesitate to call this only a snowboarding line because the skiers are going to be so jealous they will want to use it too!”.

Like other products from ARC’TERYX, the WhiteLine collection will be aimed at the snowboarder who is a technical user, backcountry, big mountain rider, the rider who appreciates the exceptional performance, quality and design of these products.

A number of features have been developed for the specific needs of snowboarders. Reinforced side panels, different textiles that are a little beefier for riding in the trees, are a couple of examples. “We are transferring many of the technologies and proprietary design features from our Alpine/Mountaineering program to the Board program. For example, we still are spec’ing the best fabrics available; tight weave, high tenacity, maximum construction fabrics just like we have in our current program.”

“We have looked very closely at our existing program to see what would make sense for the backcountry boarder. The backcountry alpinist and backcountry boarder both want a lot of the same things. They want their gear to be lightweight, very durable, keep them dry and comfortable and have all of the features work easily and effectively with no hassles.”

ARC’TERYX will be introducing a full lineup of snowboard specific backpacks as well to support the clothing. Like the clothing, the new packs will use many of the technologies and leading design features of their current technical climbing and mountaineering pack line up.

ARC’TERYX is also in the process of building a team of riders. “We have signed Brian Savard (no. 3 ranked rider in the world by Snowboarder Mag) as the first member of our snowboard team. He personifies the rider we are targeting. He does everything well whether it’s in the halfpipe or ripping big mountain faces. But he loves the backcountry the most. Brian feels the future is riding big mountain faces, pulling hard technical half pipe moves. We waant to be the gear supplier for those riders.”

Another great addition to the team was Rob Morrow. Rob needs no introduction as one of the great all around snowboarders in the industry and the founder of Morrow Snowboards. Both these great athletes are in addition to the established freeski team that includes John “foon” Chilton, Jia Condon, and Dave Gauley to name a few, They are all very well known big mountain skiers.

For more information contact: Jayson Faulkner, ARC’TERYX Equipment Inc. 1-800-985-6681, Fax: 604-451-7705