PACIFIC PALISADES, CA– Building the best and most beautiful snowboards is just the beginning of the mission for Arbor Snowboards. At Arbor, they share a respect for the environment and a sincere desire to help heal what has already been damaged. The people of Arbor appreciate the time they spend in the mountains and the oceans doing what they love and are acting on their desire to give something back.

Arbor tackles the conservation challenge in many ways: The boards are built using products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. The designers are conscious about the environment when designing the products, veneering the wood topsheets to stretch this valuable resource. The small amount of wood used in the topsheets adds to the beauty, performance and durability of the products without adding to the worldwide degradation of the environment. It also serves as a reminder that we need to protect that which is natural and beautiful.

In addition to designing environmentally sensitive products, Arbor is proud to announce their support of a Koa wood reforestation program in Hawaii through American Forests (, the oldest national nonprofit citizen conservation organization. American Forests was founded in 1875 by citizens concerned about waste and abuse of the nation1s forests. Now in their 126th year, they have planted over 19 million trees in 500+ ecosystem restoration projects and urban and community forest projects called the Global ReLeaf program.

The Hawaiian Koa reforestation project involves a site that 75 years ago was populated by Koa, Ohi1a, Sandalwood, Naio and Mamane trees. The site was cleared for cattle grazing, leaving only the biggest Koa and a few Sandalwood trees. Three years ago, the Boy Scouts planted a test plot. They fenced an 801 x 801 area to keep out sheep and cattle, and planted Koa seedlings. Now 61 tall, those trees are thriving, with many naturally occurring Koa seedlings flourishing as well.

“We’re thrilled that Arbor Snowboards is sponsoring the planting of thousands of Koa trees in Hawaii. This is important as it restores Koa forests, wildlife habitat and especially native bird populations,” says Steve Walsh, director of Corporate Development at American Forests.

For more information or to join American Forests, please call 202-995-4500 or log on to

Arbor Signs SWAT Deal

In a continuing effort to support the college demographic, Arbor has signed a deal with S.W.A.T. (Summer Winter Action Tours) Arbor snowboards will provide on snow demos for all S.W.A.T. college tours, sponsor a Slopestyle Challenge at each event, and will support S.W.A.T.’s ongoing sales efforts. Together with their sponsors, S.W.A.T., has been providing a safe and fun environment for over 40,000 high school and college students to gather and snowboard since 1997.

“This is a great way to support an important segment of our market and to get the Arbor name and heritage out to college students across the country who might not otherwise be exposed to it,” said Bob Carlson, President of Arbor snowboards.

For more information on Arbor snowboards, please call 310-656-3268 or log onto For more information on S.W.A.T. tours, please call 714-258-7080, or log onto