Arbor And Mistic Form Ambassador Team

Santa Monica, CA, – Arbor, makers of Hawaiian Koa wood top-sheet snowboards, recently announced a new marketing alliance with Mistic, an exotic line of all natural fruit juices and part of the Snapple family of beverages. The partnership focuses on Arbor’s team riders who are now known as the Mistic-Arbor Ambassador Team.

As kindred spirit brands who rarely take a conventional approach, both companies blend a world view in pursuit of their objectives. Arbor’s Ambassador Riders annually circle the globe seeking new, obscure mountain ranges and first descents. Likewise Mistic/Zotics sources the world looking for the tastiest nectars for its juices – from Africa, the Far East, South America and the West Indies with “out there” flavors like Acerola Berry and Pitaya Fruit.

“The partnership will appeal to people who have a taste for adventure, whether it is their choice of beverages such as the exotic Mistic/Zotics drinks or their choice of sport such as big mountain snowboarding,” said Bruce Bollinger, vice president of marketing for Mistic. “Our riders, folks like Jason Shutz, John Griber, and Sherry Newhard, are known for pushing boundaries, frequently crossing international boarders in pursuit of new lines,” said Mike Harrelson, Arbor team manager. “Our alliance with Mistic /Zotics will help us to better support the hairball travel plans our riders constantly come up with.”