Filming in Antarctica
Jeremy and Penguins
Penguins For Days
Xavier De Le Rue
Jeremy and Xavier
Jeremy Jones
Xavier De Le Rue
Xavier De Le Rue
TAG Board On The Ship
Jeremy Jones and Xavier De Le Rue
Pick Up Zodiac

Words and photos by Tero Repo / Relentless

Antarctic Peninsula

Preview from the March 2010 Issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding Magazine out now.

In November 2009 I was living a dream. I hooked up with Xavier De Le Rue and Jeremy Jones in Ushuaia, Argentina. We were going to catch a ship to Antarctica to find some untouched terrain in middle of nowhere. The idea was to hit as many lines as we could. We ate and slept on the ship, Clipper Adventurer and every night moved to new location around the Antarctic Peninsula. We had only six days on Antarctica to capture riding, lifestyle and interviews for Relentless new film. Jeremy and Xavier were riding some ridiculous lines in the most ridiculous terrain I have ever seen. It was definitely the trip of the lifetime.

Check out for the current film “Lives Of The Artists” featured by Xavier De Le Rue. Also some updates for the Antarctica film with Jeremy Jones and Xavier De Le Rue.