Another Book

Snowboarding Experts Reading for the enthusiast. Published by Barron’s, Snowboarding Experts can beused as a training manual for riders who want to boost their ability. Written by Christof Weiss, this volumefeatures sections on race, freestyle, and freeriding, this book is packed with principles and pointers.

The extensive race section outlines factors that play into achieving your optimum competition ability. It’s dividedinto essential elements of race training such as: structure of performance and factors that play into aiding orinhibiting performance; training plans, including several charts for mapping out goals training techniques,managing performance, conditioning training and methods, and technique training. The freestyle section alsofeatures training tips to keep your body in tip top shape, as well as explaining movement and technique inorder to execute tricks.

Not only does it outline overall strengthening tips, but gives hints for improvingspecific parts of the execution, like the take off, the landing, or the spin. Freeriding is explained inbackcountry terms. Though the term freeriding is generally used as a definition for riding anywhere on themountain, here it explains what is needed and expected during a backcountry adventure. Preparation isexplained in detail but do not expect to know everything there is about backcountry simply from these fewdetails.

The nature conservancy section adds an important consideration, above your personal safety, tokeep in mind when you venture off trail. And finally, tuning tips as well as a glossary conclude this booksdense offering of snowboarding in detail.

-Robyn Hakes