Anon Signs Romain De Marchi

Burlington, VT – Romain De Marchi has been busy this year. He created his own board in Burton’s UnInc series, filmed one of the best video parts of 2003 in Saturation by Absinthe Films and was named the “Rock Star of the Year” by fellow pro riders at the Transworld Riders Poll Awards. According to Transworld Business magazine, Romain was the most photographed rider of the 2002/2003 season, featured in more high profile ads and editorial than any other snowboarder in the world. Now, he’s adding another milestone to his long list of accomplishments – signing with Anon Optics as a Global Team rider.

“To promote a brand, riders need attention and to be taken seriously,” says Romain. “That’s why I came to Anon, because I know they will support me and listen to my ideas.”

As one of the world’s most respected snowboarders, Romain will bring his own notorious flavor and unrivaled skills to the Anon team. Originally from Switzerland, Romain’s energy, enthusiasm and balls to the wall attitude is infectious. Romain brings snowboarding back to where the pioneers left it-pushing his riding everyday on the mountain and breaking the rules that obstruct his way. When other pro riders talk about who inspires them the most, Romain’s name almost always comes up. Every winter, he pours his efforts into filming and consistently creates the season’s most talked about video parts. In between filming, Romain stops by high-profile competitions such as Slopestyle Y2K, the US Open and the Fabulous Tournament, always creating a jaw-dropping experience for the other riders and spectators.

Romain joins other top pro riders and friends David Benedek, Keir Dillon, Lukas Huffman, Freddie Kalbermatten and Nico Droz on the Anon team, adding his signature style to this diverse group of extremely talented snowboarders. By giving design feedback and representing Anon in a wide range of films and competitions around the world, Romain and the Anon team will help make Anon the goggle every kid wants to rock on the hill.

Consumers can learn more about Burton Snowboards by calling Burton Rider Service: (800) 881-3138.

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