Earlier this week we brought you Darcy Bacha’s top ten photos of 2018, and our continued celebration of 2018 wouldn’t be complete without another collection of the same from TransWorld SNOWboarding Senior Photographer, Andy Wright. They say a photo can tell a thousand words, and when it comes to the below collection, we’d have to agree. However, while each of the below photos is more than able to stand on its own, we asked Andy to tell a short story about each to further share the experience with you. Continue below to see Andy’s favorite photos from last year in no particular order, and make sure to check back soon for more.

Anto Chamberland – Chicoutimi, QC, Canada

I've never left a trip shooting Anto Chamberland disappointed. This was early December and most people hadn't even strapped in their boards yet and he was putting down his ender. I shot this with two cameras, the back angle was shooting a burst, which was fired from a remote in my free hand while I timed up the single flash-lit frame manually. Sun flare gets me every time, so this angle got the win.

Justin Fornius – Chicoutimi, QC, Canada

Interesting architecture always makes for a great snowboarding photo, especially when you can match it with good style and tricks. We had actually gotten permission from this church to shoot here and I'd be lying if it didn't say my first instinct was to look for an angle inside the building where I could escape the -10F windchill outside. That didn't work out, but this shot was well worth the frosty extremities.

Devun Walsh – Hokkaido, Japan

Some old dogs don't need to learn new tricks when they make the old ones look this good. I'll take a backside 3 from Devun in Japan every year for as long as I can lift a camera to my face and push the shutter.

Torstein Horgmo – Hokkaido, Japan

Sometimes the best snowboarding is the stuff you drive past on the way to the lifts. It's not easy to capture the vibe of just how much action in Japan is literally just off the highway. There would actually be about 10 times more if you could find a place to park, which is the biggest obstacle in the way. There is no shoulder to park on, and you are limited to pullouts the plows make. We scored when we found this roadside attraction with a parking lot nearby. Torstein on his way to a day of fun and limitless possibilities.

Tor Lundstrum – Hokkaido, Japan

We had spent the day shooting some features under a freeway overpass next to the ocean and the crew was tired. When Tor set up this mini quarterpipe against a concrete slab at the end of the day, I honestly didn't think much of it. I was more interested in packing up my gear and getting somewhere warm. I took a few pics and didn't see much potential for a shot so I sorta sat and watched the session. After it was over and everyone was getting ready to leave I had an epiphany on how I wanted to shoot this, but everyone was done and getting ready to leave. But it kept bugging me, and finally, it got to the point where I couldn't walk away without asking him to try it a few more times. Glad I did.

Iikka Backstrom – Meribel, France

We left epic conditions in Austria for France and found it raining. Iikka decided to make the most of the drizzle and barely beat the down downpour with this ollie into a soggy pillow field.

Torstein Horgmo – Coast Mountains, BC Canada

No better feeling in snowboarding than a first try stomp. Tor's logged his fair share over the years, and after reviewing the shots this ride away frame told a bigger story than the trickery that happened before it.

Torstein Horgmo – Coast Mountains, BC Canada

I rarely declare a "favorite of the year", but I knew this one would be it just as soon as reviewing it on the camera back after snapping the frame. I’m glad he wasn't rag-dolling down the landing with an avalanche chasing him because I would have never known as I was lost staring at the screen. I feel like this will be one that keeps bringing a smile to my face for years to come.

Blair Habenicht – Eagle Pass Heli, Revelstoke, BC Canada

No top 10 list would be complete without a method. Blair's was a beauty, highlighted (literally) with the sun beaming off his base at just the perfect moment. It's not often it's this blue in Revelstoke, and I can't think of a better way to have taken advantage of this rare moment between clouds.

Dustin Craven – Eagle Pass Heli, Revelstoke, BC Canada

I’m not a huge fan of the no-grab, but when they work they really work. I am also very pleased with the shadow action of this shot. You obviously can't show a snow trail when shooting head-on, but it's reflected below him, giving a sense of just how epic the snow was on this April morning. I can't wait to go back.

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