Andromeda Snowboards Launched

For those of you who do not know us, we are Andromeda Snowboards. We are a small group of riders based in Portland, Oregon with a passion for snowboarding; everything else is irrelevant. Our names are unimportant, our faces, easily forgotten. We simply expect to be judged according to the product of our labors.

Some might say that in the world of snowboarding there is indeed a fine line that separates modest success from the forgotten halls of the industry recycling-bin. Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, the snowboard industry is a game of numbers, a game of numbers that many companies are destined to lose.

As the days of the garage-based industry fade silently into our selective subconscious, and the emergence of the multinational conglomerate makes its presence known in a “sport” previously reserved for delinquents and wannabes; one must stop and address the question of whether it is all worth it? Is the possibility of failure so high as to send potential investors scurrying for their security blankets? Is there room in a consumer market of fickle fads and passing trends for something truly different? Can a new snowboard company get away with setting itself apart from all others?

I am not sure that I can provide satisfactory answers to questions such as these; we only know that snowboarding has been an influential part of our decision-making for most of our lives, and that is something that we are not yet willing to give up. Perhaps it is only time that can provide adequate answers to the questions that we seek, and time will tell.

All of us here at Andromeda Snowboards would like to thank you for your time and generous attention. If you have any questions about Andromeda or would simply like more information, you can contact us at (503) 255-9014,, or at: Andromeda Snowboards, 9019 SE Harrison St., Portland, OR 97216,