Ancient Clothing Inc. Signs Adam Fous

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Adam Fous is now off the table! Adam hassigned on the dotted line and will be seen from years to come sporting theAncient Clothing, Inc. label. Want to know a little more about Adam??? Nota problem here ya go….

Adam Fous
21 Years Old
Home will always be his Mamas House, but he resides in Tahoe.
He is totally sponsored by Endeavor Snowboards, Dragon Goggles, AncientClothing, Inc. and Boardsports Inc.
He films with NC Productions and will be in their new video “All Day” thisfall.
His plans for next season are getting totally radical with fresh newmaneuvers, taking it to a whole new level of awsomeness.

Also, Ancient Clothing, Inc. has officially moved to Portland, Oregon.Contact information is:

Ancient Clothing, Inc.
2314 NE Multnomah
Portland OR 97212