On Saturday, January 7th, Bear Mountain hosted the 3rd annual Analog Design Unlikely Features contest. Design Unlikely Features is different from all other contests because with this contest, you actually get to ride a brand new feature that was designed by someone who's also riding in the contest.

This year the main feature was the "bat wing." The “bat wing” was designed by Shane Wright, and Paul Heron of bHappy Films, out of Tahoe, CA. The "bat wing" looks just like you would picture a bat wing to look like. It's two rails that create a perpendicular angle, and it has bank ramps running down the sides. This feature wasn't for the faint of heart. Lots of people got bucked trying to get through it. However, if you could make it through the "wing," you were hyped.

The event was broken up into two sessions. One was for the under 16, and the ladies, and the other session was for the guys. There were some standout tricks from both sessions, like Melissa Spillman sliding through the "batwing" and Lenny Mazzoti going switch front board through the batwing. Both sessions were heated, and in the end it was Melissa Spillman taking it for the ladies, and Devin Allen taking it for the dudes. Really though, everyone were the real winners, because now Bear has this awesome new feature. We'd like to thank Rio, Clayton, and everyone else at Bear and Analog for making this happen. DUF really is an awesome event.