An X-Games Sidebar

An X-Games X-clusive with Rod Johnson and Barbie Waters1.Jim Rippey (who designed last year’s jump), scored the bronze with the sweat on his brow, a Fox Racing jersey, and this Rippey flip.

2.Wouldn’t it be great if E$PN sprang for shirts for these guys that read: “I made it snow in June in Southern California, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.”

3. Women finalists (left to right): Canadienne Janet Matthews took the gold with a crowd-pleasing backflip, Tina Dixon’s big smooth frontside-three tailgrabs landed her in third, Tina Basich got more inverted than ever with some 720 cork-flip thing (and should have fared better than second), and Jennie Waara placed fourth, narrowly missing the podium.

4.Jester hat. Photo: Twitty

5.E$PN fat-cat Jack Weinert thought he had the best seat in the house, and he did-until Mikey Basich rode into the water-

saturated grass and found his edge, spraying Weinert and a handful of innocent paramedics. It was the most X-citing, un-X-pected

happening of the day.

6. Hats off to the guys who fooled Mother Nature-if only for a few hours.

7.X-Games Gold Medalist Kevin Jones pulled out a frontside 900 to fakie, edging out Ben Hinkley’s double front-flip to end “the four-way-tie jump-off” with Jason Borgestede and Jim Rippey. And yes, Kevin does really look like this, so please don’t write in.

8.Ben Hinkley had this double front-flip wired, and if the crowd had their way, he would have found gold at the bottom of these hills. Hey, everybody loves a good flip.

Photos: Lucas