Alycium Launches New Web Site

A passionate and dedicated family of riders supporting the sports they love most celebrate launching the 2004 website. ( Powerful names such as Chad Otterstrom, Colin Langlois, and Ryan Thompson are just the icing on the cake for an insane team consisting of Seth Bruce, Nic Drago, Sam Dayton, Brittani Scheefer, Jeff Nelson, J.J. Johnson, and Curt Sorenson. These riders make Alycium’s team poised for a strong season both in contests and behind the camera.

Alycium is a streetwear clothing company of skaters and snowboarders started to give back to the sports that fuel their lives. The Project is in its second year and gaining a tremendous following from skaters, snowboarders, and surfers around the nation. Much of Alycium’s success is attributed to their identifying spur symbol and their inside-the-industry support. Finally, riders establish a company with the intention of changing ever-growing corporate greed! Join the movement and support Alycium!

The collective of product is now available online and in specialty shops nationwide. Questions and dealer inquiries regarding The Alycium Project can be directed to or by calling 303-514-5343. Spread the word and enjoy.