Alpine Meadows Trans-Am

The Alpine Meadows TransWorld SNOWboarding Trans-Am, presented by Campbell’s Soup at Hand, involved lots of pro riders, a couch on a quarterpipe, and stoked Tahoe locs who came to checkout the action and cheer on the kids.

Tahoe, being a Mecca for up-and-coming as well as super-established riders, made for an exciting event. The obstacles included the newly P-Tex-railed Smith limo, a mellow 20-foot box, and the Zumiez couch quarterpipe that was a little intimidating at first in the flat light. Luckily, once everyone hit it, they realized the soft, red couch could break their handplant to face-slide or jib-bonk to deck splat.

Riders like Shaun McKay, Jussi Tarvainen, Jason Borgstede, Luke Mathison, Robbie Sell, Jared Johnson, Ben Bogart, Nate Farrell, and even a surprise guest appearance by Scott E. Wittlake, ruled the limo and the quarterpipe in-between picking kids out from the USASA slopestyle for the Trans-Am held later that afternoon.

Then, when the Trans-Am started, DJ Paul spun tunes and the USASA kids where the ones ruling. High Cascade snowboard camp reps like Preston Strout, Kevin English, and Shaun Tedore were also on hand to offer guidance and advice -- as well as a nifty trick or two.

Old-school tricks came out of the woodwork and some new ones were invented in front of our eyes. It’s not everyday those two obstacles are sessioned at your everyday resort. But then Alpine Meadows isn’t your everyday resort.

Later that afternoon, the folks at the Alpine Bar and Grill killed it. Pizza and soda everywhere, for everyone. Product from Zumiez, HCSC, Quiksilver, DaKine, Smith, and TWS were given out, as well as snowboards from Ride and the Soup at Hand guys hooked up the overall limo rider with a new board, as well.

TA head judge, pro rider, and all-around awesome guy, Shaun Mckay (of Neoproto fame) answered a few questions from his perspective:What was your favorite obstacle from the Alpine Meadow’s TA? What kind of tricks did you see?My favorite obstacle would probably be the new and improved Smith rail. Kids were getting crazy on it. The craziest thing I saw was probably a cab-450 to 450 out. Kids are nuts trying that stuff. If you fall, you land on a metal car!

Was it hard to pick kids from the USASA? How did you choose?

I thought it was going to be tough but we got to take half the kids or so from each heat. If I saw something that was good I would be like “you’re in”. Jamie Lynn style method grab, “you’re in”. A FS5, “you’re in”. Frontside slide, “you’re in”.

What was the funniest thing you saw all day?

I had the honor of judging the quarterpipe and there was some pretty funny stuff going down on that thing. They had the couch set up on the top and kids were doing like front-flips on to there ass on the couch and then trying to wiggle their way back in to the quarterpipe.

Anything else?

The kids were stoked. Because it was a jam format, the judges were having fun and helping and riding, and because there were good obstacles the event was top notch. All the kids were really stepping it up and trying to do good. They all had a good time.

– A big, huge thank you to Brad Wilson and Alpine Meadows, Tom and Freddog, Nikki and Jason from Zumiez, the ripping riders who came to ride and judge, the TA sponsors, DJ Paul and Madelina, Zach Horowitz, and everyone at HCSC!


Flat Box
Danny Witty

Zumiez Quarterpipe
1. Sean Stewert
2. Robert Dawson
3. Ross Baker

Smith Limo
1. Shane Reide
2. James Samsel
3. Bryce Lowell

Overall girl
Allison Carroll

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