alpha6 Launches ALLYANCE, Hires Rehberg

1.21.2004: alpha6 Distribution Launches ALLYANCE Winter Archetype, Hires Dale Rehberg.

Former professional snowboarder and all around nice guy Dale Rehberg joins alpha6 distribution as brand manager overseeing the day to day operations of the alpha6 brands; ALLYCONTAINMENTCO and the newly developed ALLYANCE Winter Archetype.

“Dale’s history and mark on our sport is undeniable. From his 1st pro model with Joyride in 1991, many more pro models with Ride and directional influence of the Cappel brand, to in-house product and brand manager for some of the industries top companies. Dale brings a wealth of experience and creativity to our company” says Johnny West, Managing Propaganda Officer.

“I’m stoked to be involved with such an experienced and solid crew. The acquisition of AllycontainmentCo and the launch or our new outerwear line ALLYANCE Winter Archetype is an amazing opportunity for both myself and our retail partners” adds Rehberg.

The official launch of ALLYANCE Winter Archetype will take place in Las Vegas on Monday January 26th @ the Mandalay Bay convention center during the SIA Show.

However rumors and various reports of genetic vandalism have been circulating the action sports world over the last 60 days. While it is still unclear to most what we intend to do with the information gained from these reported acts of genetic vandalism, remnants from our laboratories have been discovered beside a base camp at Mt. Everest where the Tibetan mountain porters – Sherpas have been seen carrying loads exceeding their body weight in ALLYANCE regulated outerwear. Similar remnants have been discovered in the Australian outback and the Arizona desert.

Our initial targets are those retail operatives interested in making greater than 60 point margins and achieving solid sell through. To join this unfettered attack against conformity or for more information contact alpha6 distribution directly @ 949-429-1833 / / or report to SIA booth # C815