Alaska Like You’ve Never Seen It – Andrew Miller’s Highlight Gallery

Dragon’s Breath- When your pretty deep in the range this is a beautiful yet scary sight. Haines, AK. Photos: Andrew Miller
Banana man on the banana spine - Brandon Cocard straight line. Haines, AK - Absinthe
Brandon Cocard, Haines, AK - Absinthe
Manuel Diaz is a spine master - Haines, AK
Wait here - Austen Sweetin & Nicolas Muller know patience really pays off. Haines AK / Absinthe, Fruition
Cocard, Kimmy Fasani & Nicolas Muller finding lines at first light in Haines, AK.
Nicolas Muller entering into the spine maze in Haines AK. - Fruition
Justin Hostynek will hike as far as it takes to find the best angle. Haines, AK
Kimmy Fasani earning a very well deserved TWS women’s rider of the year up in AK.
Higher perspectives, dropping Kimmy, Nico & Cocard on an Absinthe classic.
Manuel Diaz full speed ahead - Haines, AK
Alaskan blower with Austin Sweetin & Nicolas Muller.
Kimmy Fasani slashing into the last light of the day - Haines, AK
Down days & Annual AK Heli fish fry. Always a good time hanging with the guides.
Northern lights to start an epic day, Los Vamprios Lesbos, Fish Fry, Lazy days at the Yurt.
Austin, Manuel & Nico loving life in AK.
Nico, Manuel & Austin. These guys study their lines for days from pictures on their phones, discuss options and hazards. The mental game must be strong!
Manuel’s speed, confidence and pure skill riding spine lines is Alaska in unreal to witness.
The amount of epic moments these two have capture over the years is unrivaled. Nico & JAH letting loose on a rainy down day.
Nicolas Muller new twist on an old line for his movie “Fruition”
Austen Sweetin really came into his own on bigger lines this year in Haines. He was on a tear all season and ended AfterForever with an epic part!
Doors off in AK with Absinthe is alway a season highlight.
Manuel Diaz letting er loose on the apron after an epic spine run.
Garrett Warnick AKA “Worm” flipping out on his first trip to AK. - Haines, AK / Absinthe
Nico’s eye,experience and creativity in these mountain is unmatched.
Nicolas Muller tranny finder for “Fruition”.
The new AK heli base has a real Alaskan bush style feel to it. Powder is a Priority here.
The new AK heli base has a real Alaskan bush style feel to it. Powder is a Priority here.
Only really one place in the world you can find spines like this. Haines, AK
Footage review, always classic moments with this legendary crew - Nico, JAH, Manuel & Austen.

As a snowboard photographer, your travels and adventures parallel the subjects you shoot, which obviously puts you into incredible scenarios to capture all the action. At times, the surroundings and lifestyle shots can be more monumental than the actual riding. Other times a single pow spray can make the entire trip. A photographer that has been on the hustle for years and always delivers the goods is Andrew Miller. Last season, he was entrenched in Haines, Alaska with the Absinthe crew while filming, AfterForever, and Nicolas Muller who was filming Fruition.


Check out a sampling of his selects along with his captions of the adventures.

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