(GOLDEN, CO) airwalk, one of the original action sports brands, is pleased to announce the addition of Jesse Fulton to its snow team roster. Fulton will represent the airwalk snowboarding boot program on his home mountain of Whistler, B.C.

“Jesse is very happy with the product and is very positive addition to the team,” said Mike Arzts, airwalk snow team manager. “Jesse has impressed me and the other members of the airwalk Canadian Team with his riding and makes everyone laugh constantly.”

As a six-year veteran of pro snowboarding, Fulton has 19 podium wins under his belt including and has commanded an impressive list of sponsors including airwalk, Quantum, Arson, Spy, Diakka, Grenade and Protec. When he is not snowboarding, Jesse spends his time skateboarding, golfing, eating and honing his fine art skills in the areas of painting, drawing and design. He has traveled extensively throughout North America and Japan. TAR_7 has a vision to lead and inspire the action sports industry through its airwalk®, genetic’ and ripzone’ brands. Founded in 1986 as the leader in marketing, sales and manufacturing of action sports and youth lifestyle products, the company’s airwalk brand remains recognized as the industry original. The new performance-driven, skate-specific genetic brand was launched with an unprecedented response in September 2000. ripzone is well-known in the Canadian and Japanese snowboard and action sports markets as an outstanding apparel brand capturing the essence of lifestyle. airwalk® and geneticà',à'"¢ are registered marks of TAR_7. ripzone is the registered mark of RMP International. All endorsements of airwalk and genetic products by pro team athletes are compensated by TAR_7. All rights reserved ©2002