Airwalk Employees Session Front Yard

What do you do when a freak storm hits your office? You session. That’s just what happened last week to Airwalk employees, who now work at the company headquarters located just outside of Denver in Golden, Colorado.

Steve Nilsen, Airwalk’s snow marketing manager sent this e-mail and these pictures along to our offices, quite happy that his fellow staff members took advantage of the snow that was right out their front doors.

Here’s what Nilsen had to say: “One of the advantages of moving Airwalk to Colorado (after being sentenced to PA) is the snow storms that come out of nowhere. It was 80 degrees last Wednesday and then we proceeded to get pummeled with more than a foot of snow (that has since disappeared) on Thursday and Friday.”

“Here are some photos taken by fellow employees Marc Vitelli (seniordesigner), James Fisher (development) and Joe Carrera (account services) during two lunch-time sessions at the office. These type of sessions would never have been possible in PA. Duh.”

“Like I said, I thought they would be fun to pass on because this is the way things should be at an action-sports company. Finally!!!!!”