Airwalk Builds Terrain Features For Loveland

Months ago through exhaustive meetings involving layers of lawyers, translators and jib junkies like Zach Leach and Preston Strout, a brilliant proposal came to pass. airwalk wanted a resort close to home with better, more fun features in the park. Loveland wanted us to build them…the rest is history.

Several airwalk team riders, employees and some family and friends turned in proposal sketches of their ideal rails and fun boxes. The options were voted on and then presented to Loveland. Once a design was settled on, construction began at the workshop facilities of T7 designer Marc “Vila”telli. Several T7 employees, a slew of team riders from around the world and other random friends and family turned out throughout the fall to cut wood, pound nails, saw metal, stencil and paint.

Additionally, a local plastic vendor was brought in, and metal/welding expert helped in exchange for a set-up for his son. The two of them got to meet the whole team and joined us for the movie premier at T7. His son was so fired up! That is the kind of thing that made the project perfect. Tons of people collaborating for a common cause. Peace on earth through alternative sports.

So do yourself a favor, and come out to Colorado to jib one of these fine creations now residing at Loveland. We focused on making them fun, and easy to ride so that everyone could enjoy them.