Govy locals are a rare breed. They move to a tiny town, population 200, in the middle of a giant forest just so that they can snowboard every day without making the hour-long trek from Portland. So what happens when Mother Nature refuses to cooperate and delivers the worst snow year since like 1867? Duh, truck in snow to your front yard and throw a sick contest to give Mother Nature the finger saying, “We’ll snowboard whenever and wherever we want to, and it will be awesome.

Board Games was the brainchild of Airblaster’s Jesse Grandkoski and sponsored by Airblaster, Academy, Grenade, Elm Company, I Path, Exit Real World and Mt. Hood Ski Bowl. Anyone could enter, and everyone came to watch. Spectators lined the stairway, gathered on rooftops, spilled over Jesse’s balcony, and crowded around the contest setup: a wall ride, a set of stairs, and a long flat-down log rail that could only be hit from a hella sketchy rooftop drop-in. Scotty “The Body Connerly announced the contest and fashion show, gave shout outs and threw out raffle prizes. Judges were Corey Smith, Travis Parker, and Shane Flood.

The first round saw competitors hitting the wall ride or the stairs. All of the riders showed the crowd something awesome. Props to the black stallion Ahmon Stamps for his smooth style and big bag of tricks. One of the crowd favorites was the guy in the blue one-piece with a neon orange water wing on his leg that, from afar, looked strangely like an Airblaster Leg Bag. The final round had competitors jibbing the log slide amid lots of cheering and noise from the crowd. Jake Welsh and Nick Jacobson tied for first and split the prize money.

“Nick and Jake both killed it on both obstacles, and I was really glad that they won, because they are two of the nicest and most humble guys ever. It’s cool to see people like that ride well and get recognized, said Grandkoski.

The after-party filled the Ratskellar to overflowing. The Holy Shitters played a great set and inspired a mosh pit like Government Camp had never seen.

Board Games (AKA: RedBull heavy metal on welfare) saved snowboarding.