Adventure-Mobiles The Zen Den: Yuusuke Mino’s Isuzu Elf

Adventure-Mobiles The Zen Den: Yuusuke Mino's Isuzu Elf

This story originally appeared in the Adventuremobiles section of the December 2014 issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding and has been updated with the photo gallery above. Subscribe here

Yuusuke Mino is a member of the Japanese Car Danchi (car apartment) gang. He started with a 3.0-liter, four-wheel drive, Isuzu Elf flatbed truck and built this tiny shed on the back from scratch. He admits it's a little leaky in hard rain and cold in the winter, but it has benefits. "If you take a girl on a date she is already back in your room!" he says.


All the necessities in a one traveling box. Photo: Neil Hartmann

"I travel all over Hokkaido to ride. With my Car Danchi I am always in the best possible location with the freedom to go when and where I want and save money!" says Mino of his dialed whip.

Check out the key essentials Mino travels with in his adventure-mobile.

Oil Lamp

I wanted something that looks like it does not belong in a car, plus it is romantic!

Tuning Supplies

I wanted something simple to keep all my gear organized and out of the way, so I made small shelves to hold my boards, clothes, waxing and tuning supplies. Plus, the truck shakes quite a bit while driving so I wanted to make sure that everything would be locked down.

Storage Space

I have my backcountry safety gear stored on the door walls so that I don't forget anything before heading out into the backcountry. I made sure to have all the relevant gear on the doors so it's easy to check one last time before locking up.


I have a wood stove in my house and I am always looking for fallen wood on the road that I can split with this axe and take home. It also adds a bit of badassness to the whole setup.


Words: Ben Gavelda

Photos: Neil Hartmann

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