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Adventuremobiles: This Pacific Northwest Family Never Misses A Snowboard Event

Words and Photos| Taylor Boyd

Based on Washington's Olympic Peninsula, Temple Cummins and Barrett Christy have created an ideal lifestyle by the measure of anyone for whom boardsports are a priority, which makes sense. Both are among the best to ever strap into a snowboard, and they're instilling the same outdoor-oriented values and extraordinary talent in their children. Pull up to most any snowboard event or gathering in Oregon or Washington, of which there are many, and you'll see the Bigfoot in the parking lot. This is the weekend home of the Cummins/Christy family.

We spotted their rig parked at Clear Lake after the Rat Race on Mount Hood. Without any time to clean it up or prep it for photos, Temple, Barrett, and the kids graciously let us check out their setup. The Northwest and its steep mountains, rugged coastline, and ample concrete parks provides the opportunity to snowboard, surf, or skateboard on any given day, and Temple and Barrett are raising their kids to appreciate everything the region has to offer, with a truck and camper as the catalyst.

Temple likes this stove better than the one at home.


Temple: It's a 2009 Chevy Silverado Duramax Diesel, with a crew cab, long bed, and four-wheel-drive.
Barrett: We use it with and without the camper. It's pretty much our family rig for hauling kids and gear year-round.

Cannon seems to enjoy his perch up top. We imagine he’ll also soon grow accustomed to topping podiums like his mother and father have.


Temple: We wanted a rig that could put us in the elements but keep us warm, fed, rested, and happy.
Barrett: Being able to go places and not pay for lodging and restaurants is the best. It opens up a lot more travel opportunities for the whole family, and it's good for winter and summer camping. Our kids are still young and want to hang with us, so we are going to cram them in as long as we can!

You could probably guess whose rig this is based on this sticker job.


Temple: It took a couple other setups, one being a 4×4 7.3 liter Ford diesel van, and two kids, to step up to the four-door truck and big camper.
Barrett: We outgrew that van, and the camper is a good size for being able to drive and park in a variety of places without being too obnoxious.

Temple Cummins’ daily point of view.


Temple: Our Bigfoot is totally stock—propane heat and cooking stove, full-size refrigerator and freezer,
outdoor shower, hot water, basement storage, and two beds. Barrett: It has a full bathroom with an indoor shower too, but that ends up being our storage closet for boards and wetsuits and snow gear. The kitchen table folds into a single twin bed. Right now the kids share that sleeping space. They're usually so tired at the end of the day they can tolerate the cozy sleeping situation.

Good luck keeping a ten by ten space pristine with two kids. Most people wouldn’t let you photograph their rig until it was tidied up. Temple and Barrett couldn’t care less.


Temple: I love having our kids and all our stuff in one place while we're on the road and camping. It keeps the mess factor down a bit and keeps us a tight unit. We do have a bit of a board problem though, so each location we have to empty out to get to the beds and bathroom. Plus cooking on gas is way better than our electric stove at home. Sometimes though, after driving on bumpy roads, we open it up to find that the contents of the cabinets and drawers have spilled in the aisle…
Barrett: This summer we used that thing every weekend and then some. It's been fun. When we have access to a power outlet, or are somewhere where we can run the generator, it's pretty convenient to plug in and have all these modern conveniences. Sometimes it's better for us all to unplug though. The mess factor is pretty high after four or five days, and it's pretty tight in there so I'm constantly on clean-up duty.

Don’t forget your flip flops.


Temple: Maybe a 2020 Prevost 42-foot diesel pusher with air brakes? In the Bigfoot we'll have to figure out an extra bed for the kids. All I know is that we are in for some fall surfing and camping.

Barrett: I think the kids are quickly outgrowing the shared bed. Cannon is getting big and doesn't always want to snuggle in close with his sister. We'd love to install a drop-down bunk over their bed. It would also be great to get some solar panels and really reduce our Bigfootprint. I'd like to figure out a way to run some heat and air into the bathroom with boot and wetsuit dryers for keeping our stuff dry. Oh, and I fantasize about one of those satellite dishes on the roof so we can watch late-night TV, but Temp doesn't share that fantasy with me.

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