Academy Snowboards Launches Web Site

Academy Snowboard Co. is pleased to announced that they have launched their new 03-04 website. The new site features over 50 pages and countless buttons so all webheads will be able to spend hours upon hours on the site without getting bored.

Academy has built a very interactive sight in which team riders are writing the majority of stories including travel stories, trick tips and cheap board repairs. And of course you can check out their very limited quality board line that includes the Rhythm Series that was voted top 10 by this year’s Transworld Board Test. In the team section, you can check out the whole team including regional riders and they have even included a section in there called “Butter which is devoted entirely to buttering your muffin and having fun snowboarding. For the artist in all of us, there is an art submission section from their rider, friends and patrons.

In their efforts to give back to snowboarding, Academy will also be offering the FIRST EVER Snowboard Scholarship for “broke-ass snowboarders to help keep shredder’s dreams alive. And for those gossipers out there, they have the monthly news column which is comprised of shop, rider and company news. So make sure to check out to keep posted on the inside industry scoops, check out our crew shredding and having fun, maybe apply for a shredding scholarship, and of course view some of the highest quality snowboards that are backed by a 2 year warranty. Any questions please contact