Academy Snowboards Hires Sales Director

Academy Snowboard Co. is proud to announce that they have hired Michael McGinnis as their Director of Sales. He will oversee the sales for the entire company with helping the growth Internationally as well as Nationally. Michael previously worked at Osiris Shoes as their national sales manager for 5 years and before that worked at DuFFs Shoes.

“We are so excited to have Michael in our family. We have been very selective in who we were bringing in to oversee the sales because Academy is very select in distribution and growth. After working with Osiris and DuFFs in the beginning stages, Michael knows how to grow and build small brands properly. We are confident and secure on limiting distribution with knowing he will look out for the brand. Michael has already built solid relationships with specialty snow dealers throughout the years. We’re stoked because it gives our dealers a sense of distribution security and the confidence that they (our dealers) will have the best customer service and support as well, states Jeff Baughn, marketing director for Academy.

“I’m definitely stoked to be part of the Academy crew. It’s good to see how close the team riders are with the company and how the owners really make everyone feel like part of the family. Within their first year of business, Academy already has a strong following and with their true roots style of marketing and focus on quality I know there is only a bright future for us, states Michael McGinnis.

Any questions regarding sales please contact Michael McGinnis directly at Pentagon Distribution, 760-438-7674 and you can also reach Michael at or