Academy Snowboard Co. Makes Debut

Academy Snowboard Co., located in Carlsbad, Ca has officially been launched. This rider owned and operated company which is privately financed has made an impressive start right out of the gates. They brought on Jeff”JB” Baughn, (former marketing director for Random Snowboards/PLOW Magazine) to head up the marketing and team while Duane Pacha (former engineer/designer for Subtle Snowboards, Concrete Bindings, Choice Snowboards) will oversee production and advance board technologies.

Academy Snowboard Co. also put together an impressive group of riders for its debut. They signed Micah Mcginnity(Happy Hour/Kingpin Productions) and Matt Peterson(411 Snow/Artoficial/ANM) to their US team while Shandy Campos(Foreplay/Treetop Productions) will be representing for Canada. They are keeping the team a tight crew that are not only progressive riders, but who are also good friends.

On the sales side, Ron Montgomery from Pentagon Distribution will be overseeing the U.S Sales reps. Academy’s philosophy is progression through quality. Their high-end quality boards will be manufactured in Canada and backed with a 2 year warranty. Distribution is very exclusive with only select dealers being opened for their debut season.

Any questions please contact them at