Academy Launches Scholarship Program

Academy Snowboard Co. is proud to announce that they will be offering the first ever scholarship for “Broke Ass Snowboarders. Academy will be offering 2 scholarships for this first year, a $500 and $250 which will also include a snowboard setup and softgoods.The scholarship application is only available through specialty snowboard/skate shops.

“We(Academy) are stoked to be able to give a little back to snowboarding. It’s really tough for kids to go to work then school while trying to keep the shred dream alive. One of those areas will definitely suffer. We want serious candidates and there are a lot of steps to go through including essays and video requirements along with the normal criteria. Ideally, these kids will bring back their skills to the industry after they graduate, states Jeff Baughn, marketing director for Academy.

The scholarship is available to both shop employees and consumers and recipients will be chosen on strict criteria. Scholars who are interested in the first ever snowboard scholarship should check for applications at their local snowboard shop.

Applications must be received by Feb. 15, 2004. Any questions, check the website at