Story, Video, And Photos By Leah Stassen

Although national security is currently rather tight, last week SNOWboarding Business made it across the Northern U.S. border into Canada. The purpose¿to gain access into Option Snowboards factory for a tour with Grant Wellington, one of the original founders of the brand and to do a story for an upcoming issue of SNOWboarding Business on the brand itself.

Once inside the facility it’s evident the Option factory is small in actual size, but square footage doesn’t equal product quality. What it’s missing in space, the Canadian company makes up for in authenticity. Utilizing four snowboard presses, and a ton of manpower, the company is filled with workers dedicated to snowboarding. Everyone involved lives the boardsports lifestyle¿just walking by the employees’ open lockers inside the breakroom and it was easy to see they were overflowing with skateboards.

While the mission of the visit was simple, the execution was complicated by camera battery problems. But even so, the following video is a first-hand look at how a small brand with its own factory is able to build quality boards. Please don’t try this at home. These are trained professionals.

Click here for a Quicktime video of the tour through Option’s factory.