Let's give it up for the dads. All that we do would not be possible without you. While of course the same goes for the moms of the world, this Father's Day, we’ve decided to pay tribute to the men who pave the way for us, one fresh track at a time.

Where it was once rare to find a ripping dad on-hill, it is now impossible to find a hill without a ripping dad. They’re all around us—from long-time industry heads that grew up with snowboarding to younger pros that balance life as a father and professional rider, and everywhere in between. And to the skiing dads of the world, while we urge you to swap over to the "dark side" as my own father would say, we thank you too. On top of the countless dollars spent on gear, and the countless hours spent providing opportunity, you have given us motivation, support, and the building blocks to succeed.

Below, you will find a collection of these very dads in no particular order. Some helped shape the sport in its infancy, and some still do. This list by default is nowhere complete. It would be a futile effort to try and create such a list, for there are far too many rad dads in the world. So, while we would like to celebrate each of the dads below, we also ask for you to join us in celebrating Father’s Day by contributing the names of those we missed in the comments.

We wish you all a happy Father’s Day.

Josh Dirksen

A video that speaks for itself. Josh Dirksen is not only a masterful carver, but a standup father to his daughter, Alana, who is already getting into the family business.

Kazuhiro Kokubo

PHOTO: Adam Moran

At 29 years old, Kazu is not only one of the most successful snowboarders in history, but has remained relevant and at the forefront of progression. All while being a father to three.

Devun Walsh

PHOTO: Andy Wright.

Winner of the 2016 Legend Award at the TransWorld Snowboarding Riders’ Poll Awards 18, Devun Walsh now fills the role of “legend” in more ways than one.

Marko Grilc

Rad dad Marko Grilc has paved quite a few paths in the snow world over his career, and is now paving the path for his son Max.

Chad Chomlack

PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Photographer Chad Comlack has made his mark in both snowboarding and the greater Whistler, BC community through his photography over the years. He is now showing Whistler up-and-comers and sons, Jadyn and Caleb, the ropes.

Todd Richards

PHOTO: Embry Rucker

Olympian, world-class announcer, and father, Todd Richards has secured his status as a legend far before he won TransWorld Snowboarding’s Legend Award at last years Riders’ Poll Awards.

Jesse Burtner

PHOTO: Mike Yoshida

Think Thank mastermind, and Lib-Tech crusader, Jesse Burtner, has done more for snowboarding than most, and is now sharing his love for the board with his son Les and daughter Judy.

Gigi Rüf


PHOTO: Andy Wright

Gigi Rüf has made his name for his painterly approach to snowboarding, and has cemented it with his commitment to the industry through Slash Snowboards. Now he juggles the intricacy that is being a business man, professional snowboarder, and father.

Bryan Iguchi

PHOTO: Andrew Miller

Since his departure from the competition circuit decades ago and his subsequent move to Jackson, Bryan Iguchi has both figurateively and literally painted a path for many in the Jackson, Wyoming community. He is now the proud father of Silas and Mylo and leaps at every opportunity to ride with his two sons in his own backyard.

Billy Anderson


PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Former professional snowboarder, and long-time industry dynamo, Billy Anderson, has made sure to pass the torch to both of his daughters, even going so far as their entry into one of snowboarding’s most legendary events.

Sammy Leubke

PHOTO: Nic Alegre

Sammy Luebke is leading the charge the in the Freeride World Tour at the ripe age of 28, while double-dutying as a father to his young daughter.

Nick Hamilton

Nick Hamilton with his son Red Gerard. Or Oskari. Yep, Oskari.

The low-key mastermind that sits atop the TransWorld SNOWboarding masthead and has worked for this publication for 15 years has also been a father for the majority of that time. Not surprising, given Nick Hamilton’s prowess with a shutter, his son Oskari is finding an affinity for cameras as well.

Chris Wellhausen

Classic Wellhausen in the Sierra with a splitboard. Taken atop Mt. Dana, a few weeks back. PHOTO: Taylor Boyd

How this guy manages to balance his roles as TransWorld SNOWboarding Director of Photography, established mountain bike photographer, relentless adventurer, and standout father to two daughters is beyond comprehension of even those closest to him, but props to Chris Wellhausen for using the same amount of hours in a day the rest of us have to do seemingly three times as much.

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