A Day In The World Of Snowboarding

Industry members from around the globe document a typical workday.

The snow falls at different times of the year all over the world, but snowboarding is a year-round business. Last season SNOWboarding Business illustrated a typical day for the snowboard industry across the United States. This time, we thought we’d bring the entire globe together during a single 24-hour period to explore the similarities and differences among industry members worldwide. On October 15, 1998, the snowboard industry continued as it would any other day, with a few extra cameras snapping away.

What we discovered is a typical workday in Australia isn’t that different from one in Austria. Sure, there’re more kangaroos Down Under, but meetings, phone calls, and plucking away at the computer are all part of the game. We hope what we depict here gives you a better understanding of who we are as an industry and how the machine of snowboarding continues to crank away. If nothing else, you’ll see we all work hard, but none of us are overly serious.