A blood bath of boarding could easily describe what went down this past week in Bend, Oregon. GWAR returned once again for their annual show of what you might call, heavy metal music tied together by a Broadway style horror play. If you have never been to a GWAR show you're entitled for a treat. All I can say is: dress head to-toe in white, get ready to be slammed up against some very sweaty strangers for quite sometime, and plan on being in the shower for at least an hour after the show-you will be covered in blood! If that didn't give you the right idea hopefully the photos can do justice.

Quiksilver filmer Trent Ludwig and Alex Lopez dressing according to the event.

Quiksilver filmer Trent Ludwig and Alex Lopez dressing according to the event.

Job For a Cowboy, and Red Chord opened the show for GWAR and for the second year People Creative premiered their latest movie Nice Try during intermission. GWAR fans might not be the most snowboarder-friendly crowd, but when free boards and swag are thrown into the crowd, who can really complain?

By the end of the movie host Danger Ehren from MTV's "Jackass" tried to calm down the boisterous crowd chanting "GWAR, GWAR, GWAR," until there was nothing left to do but bring on the show. In a matter of seconds a crowd so white it looked as if it could of been attending a wedding was covered in blood, guts, and what one might say glory. As any true GWAR fan would say at the end of the night, I indeed sacrificed my corpse to GWAR.


Big thanks go out to Markie Wirges from Catapult productions for putting the event on year after year. Danger Ehren for hosting, all the staff, and the crowd for doing what they do best.