Whistler, British Columbia—The 8th Annual Showcase Showdown’s first ever “Pipestyle was a great success with over 3,000 spectators lining Blackcomb’s Super Night Pipe to watch the finals on Saturday, February 25th. Seventeen year-old Dustin Craven of Calgary, AB took home the $10,000 prize purse and Pilar Peterson of Whistler, BC captured the women’s top spot and $5,000.

“Dustin has been an up and comer for a while but after a strong showing in comps earlier this year, he absolutely killed it at the Showdown, says Brian Naylor event organizer and Snowboard Operations Manager at Whistler Blackcomb. “Pilar is one of the best-rounded riders in Whistler; she rips in the backcountry, the terrain parks and the pipe with the same amount of style and ease.

Canadian Olympic athletes Justin Lamoureux and Crispin Lipscomb competed in the event just days after returning from Torino, Italy and adapted their world-class halfpipe skills to the “Pipestyle format with ease. Lipscomb ranked 4th and took home $1,000 while Lamoureux placed 7th.

Besides throwing down $25,000 in prize money Sapient Snowboards also stoked out the massive crowd by giving away 20 snowboards over the course of the two-day event. Additional event sponsors Anon, RED, Option, Vans, Salomon-Bonfire and 32 also contributed over $15,000 in prizing.

“We are ecstatic about the success of the Showcase Showdown and are confident about the potential to grow this event with the support of all of our sponsors as well as the support of the crew at Whistler Blackcomb, says Naylor. “The vibe at the event was amazing with spectators ranging from families with young rippers to people like Kevin Young, Risto Scott and Doug Lundgren, integral members of Whistler’s snowboarding community. Building on the success of this year’s Showdown while maintaining that grassroots feeling is our goal for next year.

The exciting new “Pipestyle format was the brainchild of Zoltan Katchanoski, international snowboard judge and promotions coordinator for the Showcase Showdown and was designed by Whistler’s well-known terrain park builder, Steve Petrie. The Pipestyle featured two huge hips at the entrance to the Super Night Pipe; two boxes located mid-way on the lips of the pipe; and a rail section at the end featuring three different sliding options. Although the event was held in a pipe, Slopestyle elements were very important factors in the judges’ scores.

8th Annual Sapient Showcase Showdown Final Results:


1 Dustin Craven $10,000
2 Chris Wimbles $4,000
3. Neil Connolly $2,000

4. Crispin Lipscomb $1,000
5. Travis Williams $500
6. Craig Beaulieu
7. Justin Lamoureux
8. Jesse Kumlea
9. Tim Orr
10. Warren Williams
11. Dennis Bannock


1. Pilar Peterson $5,000
2. Charmaine Ironside $2,000
3. Star of Peace Quinn $1,000

4. Leanne Pelosi
5. Alexis Waite