The 8th Annual BoarderMotocross Challenge will take place on Saturday, March 08, 2003 at Mountain High Resort in Wrightwood, California, and on Sunday, March 09, 2003 at Perris Raceway in Perris, California.

For those of you who may not know, the BX/MX Challenge is an annual two day event that features riders of all ages and abilities competing for cash and prizes in two of the fastest growing sports, snowboarding and motocross. Riders compete on snowboards one day and then race motocross the next day to determine an overall winner in the BoarderMotocross Challenge.  Divisions include: Kids (-13), Women, Vets (30+), Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, and Professional.

The first half of this event starts at Mountain High Resort with (2) heat races in each division.  Riders from snowboard and motocross backgrounds come together on a challenging downhill boarder-x course and race against each other for points in the snowboard discipline of this challenge.

The next day these same riders meet at Perris Raceway and race against each other on a closed course moto-x track.  Again, riders compete in (2) heat races per division.  This time, points in the motocross discipline are up for grabs.

Accumulated points from each discipline are combined to determine the overall winners.  The result is a unique two day cross-over event that brings together industry leaders with professional, amateur, and youth athletes who perform in their respective sports culminating in an awards ceremony and after party for all to enjoy.

This has proven to be a successful event for more than seven years, attracting top professional boarders such as: Shaun Palmer, Tex Davenport, Andy Hetzel, Don Szabo, Derric Swinfard, and Nathan Fletcher, as well as professional motocrossers including: Mike Metzger, Cary Hart, Ronnie Faist, Seth Enslow, Joel Albrecht, Dave Castillo , Tommy Harrison , Travis Preston and many more. 

For years the media has embraced this event with significant editorial as well as television coverage. Previous editorial coverage has been featured in Dirt Rider Magazine, Cycle News, Wide Open Motocross Magazine, Racer X Illustrated, Plow Snowboard Magazine, and Electric Ink Magazine. Television coverage has included Fox Sports and Blue Torch.  The February 2003 issue of MX Machine will have full color print advertising as well as four pages of editorial coverage.  The 2003 event is also expected to have national television coverage reaching more than 70 million homes.

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