8 Questions With Ross Powers

The Only Two-Time Medalist In Olympic Snowboarding

What was the coolest, most memorable, or significant experience you had following your win in Park City?

After winning the gold I got to do a bunch of cool things, like go to the Daytona 500, go on Letterman, and watch some of the other Olympic events. I’d say the medal ceremony with Danny and JJ was the coolest memory.

How has men’s pipe riding evolved since the last Olympics?

The guys have been pushing the level of pipe riding since the 2002 Olympics. Big airs, hard combos, and a bunch of 1080s.

How has your personal riding changed since 2002? How are the run and tricks you’re working on now different from your winning run in Park City?

I’ve tried to keep the good parts of my riding from my 2002 run at the Olympics, and I’ve added some 900s and back-to-back 1080s.

Who individually, and which country, represents the biggest competition for the 2006 halfpipe medals?

I’d say the U.S. riders have a great chance at the 2006 Olympics. Risto (Mattila) and Antti (Autti) from Finland have also been riding really well.

Is there a particular trick that you think will separate riders in Bardonecchia, like, do you have to have a 1080 to win? Or will amplitude play a bigger role?

I think a bunch of people will be doing 1080s and back-to-back 1080s, but amplitude will definitely play a big role in the Olympics, too.

How will the experience from your second Olympics affect your preparation or tactics going into your third Olympics?

I’ve learned to just go out and ride, give it your best shot, and not to be too hard on yourself.

What will be your last thought before dropping into the pipe for your Olympic run?

If I’m there, it will be my usual: go over my run, take three deep breaths, and drop in before I really think about it.

Will you be listening to music? Do you know which song you will play?

I’m not sure what I’ll listen to, most likely the Beastie Boys-I’ve always liked them.