Get in where you fit in with cutting-edge designs to express your style on the slopes. Here’s a first peek at this year’s main styles on riders who best define the looks and trends of ’07.-Annie Fast


Photographed by Kevin Zacher


Concrete Jungle

Why leave all that urban style at home just ’cause you’re in the mountains? Nima was born and raised in L.A. and is as likely to be skating the city or out late-night as he is to be snowboarding.


Hey, Marc Frank Montoya doesn’t follow trends-he starts them. Proof? He’s got MFM signature everything from tip to tail, a dictionary definition of a trendsetter. What’s his look? A Jersey layered over a coupla’ tall tees, XXXL with a little bit of sag, some bling-yeah, you know this look.


MFM leads the pack in his Section MFM Signature jacket in stone stripe ($270), Section Black Label 3 Layer pants in light gray ($250) with a TechNine The Baller jersey ($40), Spy MFM Signature goggles ($140), and a SkullCandy MFM Pro Headset ($230).

Also pictured: Nitro MFM boots ($240) and Nitro Team MFM 157 board ($430) mounted up with TechNine MFM Pro bindings ($199).


Là‡ Jumpsuit

One-piece suits, once the domain of middle-aged men and third-graders, are emerging as (gasp) cool. Alongside other hip-again things like terry cloth, legwarmers, and leashes, the one-piece is reclaiming its place on the snow, minus the rookie stigma. Amber Stackhouse shows how good functional can look.


Amber Stackhouse finishes off a big day of shredding in the Roxy Skylab one piece ($270) and Roxy Torah Bright goggles ($150).

Also pictured: Roxy Track Lace boots ($139), Roxy Ollie Pop board ($379), and Roxy Team bindings ($139).


Trim And Tailored

A handful of companies have been successfully designing snow clothing lines that appear to be nice street clothes in material and fit, yet still function perfectly on snow. This look has a localized grip on the Salt Lake slopes, in the Portland area, and over there in the Midwest. If you’re into this, you probably have pretty solid style off-snow.

Justin Hebbel isn’t a big fan of jackets or goggles, especially when it comes to urban rails, and Laura Hadar would rather wear jeans.


Laura Hadar catches the last tram up in her Holden Mila jacket in hemp/dusty blue mà‡lange ($340), Nikita Isobel jeans ($90), Oakley Text goggles ($120), and Elm Macy beanie ($25).

Also Pictured: ThirtyTwo Lashed boots ($190), M4 Vamp board ($250), and Flux Titan bindings ($190).


Justin Hebbel makes a clean break in Holden Berlin pants in walnut ($210), an American Apparel Flex-Fleece V-neck sweatshirt ($38) and Baby Thermal long sleeve henley ($24), and a Coal The Frena beanie ($15).

Also Pictured: Ride Deuce boots ($200), Ride Society 151 board ($500), and TechNine Team 3 bindings designed by Hebbel ($199).


Hint: Pants not fitted enough? Bring them to a tailor-your local laundromat will probably even do it. Prices start around $45.


The Scanner


You don’t have time to worry about what you’re wearing. You’ve got to gas up the sleds and meet your filmer at the trailhead before sunrise. You need a pattern that hides yesterday’s lunch and a winter’s worth of snowmobile grease … and you need some pants-waterproof ones. Done.


“This isn’t a look,” claimed Iikka B ckstrà®m, who’s seen here recovering from a long day on the hill in his Planet Earth Standard plaid jacket ($180), Planet Earth Iker pants ($180), and Forum Speedking socks ($16).

Also pictured: Forum Kicker Lauri Heiskari boots ($220), Forum Grudge-S 154 JP Walker board ($550), and Forum Platform 1.8 bindings ($210).



The current contest look makes sense. Think about it-you’re trying to get noticed. What better way is there to draw attention to yourself than a bright, matching outfit? This year you can even find gloves and bindings made to match your kit-that’s right, top to bottom. Okay, that doesn’t explain hiding behind the bandanna, butt whatever …


Luke Mitrani steals the spotlight in a Ronin 2L jacket ($280) and Ronin Transition pants ($200), both in Day-Glo green snakeskin print, his R.E.D. helmet ($70-$250), and Oakley A Frame goggles in marble ($120).

Also pictured: Burton Shaun White boots ($250), a Burton Custom board ($500), and Burton Mission bindings ($180).


The Unconventional

Who said dudes can’t wear pink pants? Who decided snowboarding was this big serious sport? Nah, do it your own way. Blast some Airblaster, throw down some neon-slash, jib, poke, stall, spin, and have way more fun than anyone else. You win.


Zac Marben takes the not-so-obvious way down in his Volcom Swerve jacket ($230) in black herringbone and Volcom Passport pants ($180) in petal. He’s also draped in a Volcom Zack featured-artist slim tee, a baggy ol’ Neff Joey beanie ($26), and Dragon Mace goggles ($95).

Also pictured: CAPiTA Outdoor Living board ($399) and Union Force bindings ($199).



Nima Jalali takes to the streets in Levi’s 504s ($27), a Seditionary Movement T-shirt ($24), a thrift store leather jacket, and American Apparel 2×1 Rib Tank ($15).

Also pictured: ThirtyTwo Lashed boots ($190), his M4 Nima Jalali Heartbreaker 146 ($425), and Flux Super Titan bindings ($210).


Hint: Those Levi’s aren’t going to fit over your boots. Get out the scissors and cut up the material, not the seam.


Shot at the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird

Hair and Makeup: Dawn Taylor