6th Annual IJC Pro Clinics

The International Judges Commission is proud announce the 6th Pro Level Clinic for North America, to be held September 11, 2003 in Jersey City, New Jersey.

The IJC will again conduct Pro Level Judges Educational Clinics in an effort to provide the world with the most educated and comprehensive judging skills available world wide. Each Pro Clinic, conducted in Japan, Europe and North America each year, is designed to update the world’s best judges on the evolution of snowboard tricks and competition formats.

“Providing Education and Well Educated Services!
With the knowledge, experience and perspective of nearly 250 Pro Level judges throughout the world, the IJC has helped the biggest event organizers (Air & Style, US Open, Toyota big air, etc.) create the best events in the world. Rider input is always fielded and so the pro-snowboarders of the world have an open invitation to participate and contribute as much as possible in the IJC. The same education system that is updated every year to develop the Pro Judges is available to the Nations of the world to licence and administer at the national / regional levels as well. Is certainly to the benefit of an NSA to use the knowledge of an autonomous global entity to the benefit if its riders, bringing the progression and knowledge or global experience to their back yards and local events.

Pro Rider Involvement
Again this year, the snowboard industry is invited to provide Team Athletes to the clinic to assist in directing the focus of the IJC with the continuing objective to reflect the attitudes of the competitive rider and the progression of the sport of snowboarding. The IJC will also be calling for Pro Riders to answer some key questions via e-mail to contribute to our efforts. Any individual riders, team managers, agents or marketing managers who would like to contribute should contact us, as described below.

IJC Will Take Freeskiing Under-Wing
Freeskiing Pro turned X-Games Head Judge Josh Loubek will be attending this years North American Clinic, in an attempt to develop Free Skiing judging on the model of the IJC.”We would like to join in with the IJC, and develop a more organized, structured format for these ski events, says Josh.

“Indeed, I think that teaming up with the IJC is a very important step in the world of freeskiing competition. Like snowboarding, freeskiing has progressed very rapidly. While I hope the sport continues to progress, I also think it is important to have some type of standard judging organization to help the sport grow properly. I have been very impressed with IJC’s judging format and I hope we can bring that to the world of skiing.

“Ultimately, I think this will help young athletes get involved and understand how competitions work and veteran athletes will enjoy the benefits of having consistent judging.

The IJC is very happy to help freeskiing. Snowboarding learned a lot when Freestyle Skiing was overzealously managed to near death, so we would do well to give something back. Hopefully this will allow event organizers, judging and the pros in freeskiing communicate at a higher level and help them represent the sport and it’s progression. Most if not all our Pro Level snowboard judges have experience judging freeskiing, so for the IJC to help establish freeskiing’s judging movement is a natural.

The IJC was formed in 98 in response to the judge’s desire in taking control of their education, the types of formats that should be at major competitions and to be compensated fairly for the work done in the snowboard judges setting. These three things are still at the forefront of the IJC’s main work but the IJC has become much, much more in reaching judges, influencing competitions and being a fair and impartial entity in the snowboard world.

As snowboarding has progressed so too the members of the IJC with its leaders, (past and present) leading the charge to keep snowboard contests dynamic and rrider inspired. The IJC has been instrumental in moving the sport into creative judging styles with OI judging and ranking systems, as well as formats that include jams and the many derivatives of the jam experience. From what used to be only the cut-down system to evaluate riders…we now have a more creative and diverse methods of “running a competition.

Now in 03 the IJC is one of the strongest institutions in the snowboard community with many of its members in position of authority in many significant areas of the snowboard world. This passion for snowboarding has led members to be leaders of national snowboard organizations, key members of snowboard industry, and organizers/competition directors of major competitions. This has happened because the IJC and its members are recognized as being progressive, dedicated to competitive snowboarding and passionate about the sport. — G.Johnson

Contact — mason@ijc.info