686 Partners With The Rays Group

LOS ANGELES, CA- Westlife"¢ Distribution USA LLC, producers of the 686® Clothing Company (686), is forming a strategic partnership with Rays Group USA, to enhance Westlife’s operational and manufacturing functions of their rapidly expanding business.

The partnership will also set up areas for potential expansion within the 686 brand. 686 has been in business for the past twelve years, producing some of the world’s most innovative and technical outerwear and accessories. Rays has been around for 30 years with a solid background in high-end sportswear manufacturing and distribution. The cross over benefit potentials for 686 will be tremendous. “I’m thrilled to have a partner that understands the importance of running a clean and prosperous business. This will only strengthen our solid reputation and bring us up to the next level. Now, we will be focusing more time on the areas that we’re really good at— design, selling and marketing, says Owner of Westlife, Michael Akira West.

“We’re pleased to connect with a strong company such as Westlife and the 686 family. The company is full of talented individuals and riders who know their products, customers, and the industry. We’re happy to be here to help them continue to grow and expand as a company, says the President of Rays Group USA, Jim Stark.

Rider owned and operated, Westlife"¢ Distribution USA LLC is the parent company of the 686 Clothing Company. Since 1992, 686® has provided the riding community with innovative, progressive, and technical outerwear and clothing found only in core specialty retail locations throughout the world. Log on to www.686.com for more information.

Since 1975, the Rays Group has served worldwide as a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer. The Company’s business focuses on the manufacturing and exporting of custom made fashion garments. The group has state-of-the-art, fully computerized production plants in China, Hong Kong and Indonesia—which all ensure the highest quality production and designed products.