686 Hires First European Manager

MONTEBELLUNA, ITALY- 686 Clothing Company, division of Westlife Distribution Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Stephane Grenet as their first European manager based in Montebelluna, Italy.

Stephane will be working with Marketing Director, Brice McTague and Vice President/Sales, Jono Zacharias to spread the presence of the 686 brand across the European market. With Brice, Stephane will be helping establish marketing contacts, magazine advertising, and European team management. “Stephane has a great love for the industry and the sport of snowboarding, Brice said. “With his knowledge and experience, Stephane will be a valuable bridge between 686 and Europe.

On the sales side, Stephane will be assisting Jono on many levels. Some of Stephane’s duties will be making sure that product is merchandised correctly in the shops, communicating with sales reps, and helping build a bridge between the cultural differences and language barriers of the US and Europe. “Stephane has always been a good friend of the company, Jono said, “I feel that he is the right guy for us, he will definitely be the 686 torch carrier over there.

Being a snowboarder himself, Stephane comes from well-rounded background previously working for Northwave/Drake in marketing, and Ocean Pacific Apparel Corp (OPAC) in distribution and production. Stephane’s first encounter with 686 began in the summer of 2000 when he rode with Aleksi Vanninen (686 international team rider) in Norway and talked with him about “that cool outerwear company based in L.A. From there, Stephan started building a relationship with 686. “I now have the opportunity to fully dedicate myself to the company and help make the next step in Europe, Stephane said. “There’s a long way to go and I feel granted to do it with 686…one of the few cool snowboard companies left…

Rider owned and operated, Westlife Distribution Inc. is the parent company of the 686 brand. Since 1992, 686 have provided the snowboard community with innovative, progressive, and technical outerwear found only in core specialty retail locations throughout the world. Log on to www.686.com for more information.