5150 Names New Team

5150 Releases Band of Reckless Rockers!

VASHON, WA (March 4, 2004) – Ladies and gents, let’s set the record straight. The rumors of a new 5150 Team are true! After six months of rigorous auditions and try-outs, we have found our crew of rockers who represent all that 5150 is. Like a garage band of zit-faced outcasts, this mob has been busy jamming away and writing new songs. We just cut our first demo and are ready to tour ... and when we say tour we mean, like a band, we will mostly be touring bars and gritty clubs near snow.

This is not your typical team – no Pros or Ams – just a group of individuals who will collectively back our brand through raw, abrasive, street-savvy shralping. Including such great hits as “Rock Drop” and “Backcountry Booter,” we will most definitely remove your head from your spine. 5150 is ready to put on a show, but will always stay true to its roots as the little scrapper brand that could. This Team brings with it the attitude and backbone that today’s young punks respect.

5150’s Reckless Rockers:

Andy Forgash

Rahm Klampert

Shawn Durst

Jesse House

Tanner Pendleton

and ... The Dingo

Check out some of these blokes in next year’s videos, Revenge of the Grenerds by Grenade and Holden’s Love/Hate.

Now piss off!