5. Winter Park, Colorado

Among the most popular resorts are a few underrated treasures to those who’ve found them. Winter Park, Colorado is a perfect case in point–known for light, fluffy powder and sunny skies, our readers voted it in at number two in snow quality and weather.

“Getting an average of 30 feet of the fluffy stuff every season makes Winter Park ideal for snowboarders who love powder and riding trees,” says Joan Christensen, communications director for Winter Park. “Keeping the halfpipe and terrain parks groomed on a consistent basis has definitely won us even more fans. We always listen to our riders and use their input to make our terrain parks and our snowboard events even better.”

At 2,886 ridable acres spread over three mountains (Winter Park, Mary Jane, and Vasquez Ridge), Winter Park has all the benefits of a larger resort while maintaining a low-key atmosphere. Terrain caters mostly to intermediate riders with fun pockets of steeps, like the Vasquez Cirque, accessible by the new Ridge Ride rope tow, a five dollar snowmobile ride, or a twenty-minute hike. Tree riding is easy to find, and the groomers are long and smooth. In fact, one Mary Jane run is four and a half miles.

Although Winter Park may be a gem among resorts, there’s something to be desired of the late-night scene. The town has quite a few bars and restaurants, but nightlife comes in last of our top five by voters, so bring a book or provide your own fun for nighttime entertainment.

-Jardine Hammond