5 Stupid Questions With Halldór Helgason

Halldór Helgason now travels incognito to avoid the onslaught of paparazzi.

Halldór now travels incognito to avoid the paparazzi.

Halldór Helgason won the XGames Big Air. He also won TransWorld’s Rookie Of The Year Award. He had a rad part in Standard Films’ Black Winter—you could say it was a big year for this kid from Iceland. But is all the success on board adding up to any off the board? In between runs back in Vermont, we asked.

So did your XGames victory make you into an overnight sensation?

I hope so, I don't know—did it?

Well, have you had any luck with the ladies since you won the Big Air gold?

I have not.

Do you think it's a language barrier or what's the problem?

I don't know—the girls in the U.S. are just not down, I guess.

But when things are going your way, you do protect yourself, right?

Yes, I do.

Yeah, your TM said you’re now carrying condoms, just in case you get lucky?

Yeah, me and Tor, we bought some with the DC credit card.

Yes, that’s it. All five questions. Just watch the full video part again: