411VM Releases Snowboarding Box Set

411VM Releases Snowboarding Box Set

Fountain Valley, CA (411 Productions) – October 1, 2002: Coming to you live in early October, 411 Productions is releasing its first-ever snowboarding box set. 411VM Snowboarding issues 1-4 will be available in this box set on both VHS and DVD.

It’s snow season, it’s the holiday season, it doesn’t get any better for a video collection. Wait, it does get better! 411VM Snowboarding issues 1 and 2 will be available in this box set for the first time ever on DVD! Cool features, new footage, and a brand new package all rolled into one with the first ever 411VM Snowboarding box set.

Here’s what you can expect to see in the 411VM Snowboarding issues 1-4 box set:

o Profile on Kurt Wastell, John Sommers, Chad Otterstrom, and Gian Simmen

o Day in the Life with Jeremy Jones, Marc Frank Montoya, Kevin Jones, and Travis Parker

o Contest at US Open, G-Shock Air and Style, Rusty Twin Towers, and Vans Triple Crown

o Spot Check in Hood, spc55 Snowboard Camp, Mt Baker, and Boarderline Snowboard Camp

o Road Trip with 32, M3, Allian, and Dub to some of the most remote locations on Earth

The fun doesn’t stop there either. Tons more articles, features, and bonus footage is available on DVD. Check out 411VM Snowboarding issues 1-4 box set in snowboard shops around the world this Octorber!

About 411 Productions: 411 is the number one video content provider in the action sports industry. In 1993, 411 pioneered the concept of the Skateboard Video Magazine and has since sold over one million copies of 411 titles. 411 produces 411VM Skateboarding, 411VM Snowboarding, 411VM BMX, and 411VM Surfing video magazines, as well as distributing a host of other video productions. 411 is also an industry technology leader, providing content over all media including VHS, DVD, internet, and television. Visit 411 on the web at www.411vm.com.