32 Boots Releases Limited TM-TWO’s

Cover shots, video parts, interviews, the Olympics, and every contest out there, the 32 team did it all in 2001-2002. The team has been shredding so hard this season, we had to find some way to reward them. After all the ideas that our in-house staff could come up with ¿ cash, vacations, cars ¿ we decided nothing was better than GOLD. 24k gold fever type gold to let all the kids out there know we’re rollin’ hard.

Snoop’s got gold Dayton’s on his Impala, now the 32 team has gold TM-TWO’s on their feet. For the Fall 2002 season, 32 is introducing the Team Edition TM-TWO boot. All white with gold fronts and a gum sole, this boot oozes ill.

If you spot this boot on the hill, whoever’s rocking it is a part of the 32 family. So how do you get your grubby little hands on a set? It’s going to take a lot of luck. The Team Edition is available for the 32 team and very, very limited release only. It won’t be ready for the world until Fall 2002, so you’ve got plenty of time to figure out how to get your paws on a pair…maybe you can even bribe Chad or Kevin for their pair at summer camp.

Keep an eye out for the Team Edition TM-TWO’s next winter. When you spot them, you’ll probably be looking at one of the most amazing snowboarders in the world. The 32 team is:

Chad Otterstrom, Joni Makinen, Wille Yli-Luoma, Kevin Sansalone, Matt Hammer, Dionne Delesalle, Markku Koski, Janna Meyen, Roberta Rodger, Risto Scott, Tyler Lepore, John Jackson, Nico Droz

For more information on the Team Edition TM-TWO and 32 Snowboard Footwear, contact Brian G: brian.garofalow@soletechnology.com.