Win a GoPro Hero 2 and Giro helmet and goggles

30 Days Of Giveaways: Giro + GoPro 2

Win this one, and you'll be topping out YouTube and Vimeo views. Hopefully this is for all the rad snowboarding you're doing—not for posting horrid fails, amateur smut films, etc. You get the picture. So there's the GoPro Hero 2 with the WiFi Remote package. That's pretty sweet. With the Wi-Fi remote, you can control multiple GoPros (angles for days, son), as well as adjust shutter speed and monitor your camera's LCD screen. Mount that little devil on top of the skate-styled Giro Surface helmet, pull down your Onset goggles and drop into that hero line.


What's in it for you:

  • GoPro Hero 2 + Wi-fi Remote Package
  • Giro Surface Helmet
  • Giro Onset Goggle

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