22. Sugarbush, Vermont

Sugarbush is located in northern Vermont, a place where stoplights and fast-food joints never caught on. That doesn’t mean life is too slow, it just means fewer distractions from the real deal¿snowboarding Sugarbush’s sick terrain.

There are roughly 432 acres of cut trails at the resort, but don’t let that number fool you. Sugarbush is all about the glade skiing, and about 4,000 acres of explorable terrain lie within the resort’s boundaries. Recently added in the last few years, Egan’s Woods and Lew’s Line are gnarly expert runs¿Deeper Sleeper is slightly mellower. The challenging natural terrain and ample pitch make Sugarbush a great resort for the seasoned rider.

Castlerock Peak, serviced by its original 1958 double chair, is the place to go for the gnarly, steep, and scary lines. The technical prowess required to negotiate the tree lines will thrill any and all takers. Mt. Ellen, attached to the main mountain via the Slide Brook Express, offers more.

Seth Miller has taken over as the resort’s pipe and park groomer. Be assured that his experience is hard at work for the people who choose to ride Sugarbush. If you’re lucky, you might catch a peek of him before he disappears into the trees, that is when he’s not busy shaping the terrain features. ¿John Chorlton